1a Beach Rigging / Set Up

25.77237807, -80.13067245
25� 46′ 20.56” N, 80� 7′ 50.42” W
4th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Kiteboarding at the beach is fun.

-Make friends on the beach while keep a positive vibe.

-Find a safe place to play.

-Get familiar with the gear, and terminology of the kite.

-Start a system that works for your gear set up


-If you can, go up wind for added safety boundary. If you have the privilege of practicing in an area without distractions, use it!

-When moving the kite, let it trail behind you in an upside down fashion. If the kite can not be supported by the wind, this is a strong indicator that there in not enough wind to practice.

-This is looking like we have the whole beach to ourselves. Perfect, there is no one to get tangled in.

-When placing the kite down, don’t get it cut or tangled in obstacles. If you can, set up the lines up or down wind of the kite, I like to go up wind. Find out what works for you.


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